Exploring Beyond Academics: Unveiling New Horizons

Innovation Curriculum

We believe that competency building is essential to be life ready. The Innovation Curriculum is a unique endeavour to create humane individuals driven by purpose.

Design Thinking

To develop a designer’s mindset in students as they unleash their imagination and curiosity.

Community Service & Initiatives

Encourages students to give back to society in a meaningful way.


Our sports facilities cater to developing both the physical and emotional well-being of our students.


Experiential learning on the go to build future ready skills and competencies.

10X School


Community Service @10 X

At 10X Community Service is not something our students are involved in just when they find time, nor is it an activity they do for brownie points or to look good. They create the valued time and prioritize service to the community. We believe that nurturing the ‘Moral Man’, is a value driven youngster who is able to think beyond his immediate self. We have our students go through a process from self Empathy, moving towards empathy, taking up community service and seeking a personal vision and higher purpose. Field trips to various charitable organizations are undertaken to expose students to the diverse opportunities available to serve and make a difference. Our students learn to discover themselves – based on their interests, skills, and inclination and are able to choose, initiate and work on projects that seem meaningful to them.

The Portable STEAM Lab

To aid our young innovators at 10X, we have reinvented the school Bag itself. The Portable STEAM Lab consists of a Drone, a VR headset, Electrical components, Sensors and a 3D Pen. The bags are issued to each student at the beginning of their journey at 10X International School and it stays with them for the rest of their life. Students learn mathematical concepts through drones, design and build prototypes and create their own VR content for deeper learning.


Personal Drone


The 3D Pen


The Portable STEAM Backpack



VR set box

VR Set Box

10X School


College Placements is a key component of School 10X. It is our aim to send all our students to the top universities in the world.

To this end we have partnered with the best guidance counsellors in the country who will build profiles and create road maps for the students from grade 9 upwards so that they can achieve their goal of getting into their dream university.

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What will 10x do for you?

10X International School is all about enabling young people to develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset thereby becoming Future-Ready, Market-Ready, and Life-Ready. 10X will be a place where human intelligence and artificial intelligence combined will lead to innovative intelligence. Graduates of the school of the Future will be humane individuals empowered with purpose and passion.