Eligibility Criteria

Criteria 1

An Aspirant should have minimum 70% in their previous grade and must have certificate of National level in the field of Sports/Arts/Dance/Singing or any other

Criteria 2

An Aspirant should have 85% and above in academics in their previous grade.

Criteria 3

An aspirant should have Exceptional Talent/Gifted and should have represented their Country in any one field of Sports/Arts/Dance/Singing or any other.

Once your application is submitted to the Admissions department, the online Creative Assessment details will be shared with you by the Academic Coordinator.

Creative Assessment- Math and Science

Creative Assessment-Online


Aspirant will be notified of their results within 48 hours of taking the assessments.


Admission Procedure

Choosing a school that prepares your child for an unknown future has never been more important than it is today. We are an international school that teaches 21st century competencies while making your child future ready.

As a day school we are open for admissions throughout the year and are flexible to accommodating unique requests. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our admissions team who will be happy to help you.

Please fill out the enquiry form to express your interest in applying to the school. The admissions team will contact you shortly thereafter.

As part of the next step, we obtain the last two years’ academic record of the prospective student along with any extracurriculars and certificates won. [Generally, to make it easier for parents we ask them specifically for the documents mentioned ahead.]Documents to be sent along with the enquiry form submission:

An online interview will be conducted by the Director of the school within a week after the student takes the entrance assessments.

Acceptances will be emailed to the parent and student within 24 hours of the final interview which has to be accepted within 48 hours of its receipt. Details on documents to be submitted and fees to be paid can be found in the Admission Policy and Fee Structure Document.

10X School


College Placements is a key component of School 10X. It is our aim to send all our students to the top universities in the world. To this end we have partnered with the best guidance counsellors in the country who will build profiles and create road maps for the students from grade 9 upwards so that they can achieve their goal of getting into their dream university.

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What will 10x do for you?

10X International School is all about enabling young people to develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset thereby becoming Future-Ready, Market-Ready, and Life-Ready. 10X will be a place where human intelligence and artificial intelligence combined will lead to innovative intelligence. Graduates of the school of the Future will be humane individuals empowered with purpose and passion.