Why must modern education embrace technology

The way schools acknowledge the significance of technology in education, it is evident that the future of school education in India is improving sustainably. Possessing strong knowledge of modern technologies, software and apps and their usability can enable teachers to educate children better. Technology and its accessibility can help teachers stay ahead of the curve and enhance the impact of learning.

Greater accessibility of educational resources and flexibility come with educational digitisation, among other benefits. No matter what the level of expertise a teacher has in their field of knowledge, there is always an abundance of information undiscovered on the planet. Every teacher can’t know everything, which is where technology comes to aid- allowing us access to an unlimited pool of knowledge. It is also well-known that laptops or desktops might not be commonly available in every family, but allowing students to access modern software and tools in a classroom environment will enable them to encounter its enormous opportunities and explore its applications.

Technology can assist with quality learning plans by personalising them based on individual learning abilities, aptitude, age, etc. Custom learning software and applications can offer personalised teaching experiences to help students learn at a rate that aligns with their knowledge and development. Teachers can find it more flexible and seamless to guide students to achieve their best potential. It becomes increasingly helpful to apply various technological resources like visuals and video materials while explaining concepts in the classrooms.

The requirements for the modern workforce’s digital skills are rising, and integrating technology in education is the pathway to preparing our present younger generation for the future labour market. Today’s young generation is exclusively digital by all means, and they can perceive and process information faster when taught using tech-integrated learning models. With such a tech-enabled curriculum, lessons are far more interactive and immersive, and students have significantly better tools to explore thier creative abilities and design thinking skills.

Digitisation is making quality learning accessible globally to democratise education. Today, even the most reputable universities are offering distance learning programs and digital learning courses to enable studies universally accessible through e-learning tools and reduce the access gap in the education sector. The conventional teaching methods consist of some limitations for both teachers and students in several ways. But Blockchain in education made it possible to store data, process feedback on each learner’s performance, and use this data to help evaluate their progressTools such as Virtual Reality have changed the landscape of classroom learning. A student can be transported immediately into the scientific world to learn concepts by understanding thier core. For example, a student can see how different organs work and retain the understanding far longer with the help of VR. Similarly, they will gain conceptual clarity on how each element contributes to motion and force in Physics. Virtual reality tools can make learning exciting by exposing students to the infinite world of science and its theories.

Technology allows us to store a vast amount of information that can help students to prepare for exams with more resources. Students can get all the test materials, competitive exam updates, study plans, and interactive lessons and easily exchange information with peers. The tiresome process of finding previous years’ papers will now be replaced with finding all the information online from different sources.

10X International school in Bangalore, has a new technology-integrated education concept that provides the curriculum designed with a unique combination of human and artificial intelligence. Just into a month of operations, the school already has made a bee-line of interested applicants, which is not surprising given the inclination towards technology that the millennial possess. Owing to the rapid technological advancements around the globe; and the s obsolescence of jobs, 10X brings technology to the forefront of education and prepares students to be equipped with the necessary skills to sustain and thrive in the future.


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