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About Us

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Innovation Curriculum

We believe that competency building is essential to be life ready. The Innovation Curriculum is a unique endeavour to create humane individuals driven by purpose.

Design Thinking

To develop a designer’s mindset in students as they unleash their imagination and curiosity.

Community Service & Initiatives

Encourages students to give back to society in a meaningful way.


Our sports facilities cater to developing both the physical and emotional well-being of our students.


Experiential learning on the go to build future ready skills and competencies.

School 10X


School 10X


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What will 10x do for you?

10X International School is all about enabling young people to develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset thereby becoming Future-Ready, Market-Ready, and Life-Ready. 10X will be a place where human intelligence and artificial intelligence combined will lead to innovative intelligence. Graduates of the school of the Future will be humane individuals empowered with purpose and passion.